So that your parts take shape:

Tool and mold making

Our experience in metal and plastics processing has sharpened our eye for reliable and robust tools. Quality that has not been planned for in the design of parts and tools can never be produced again later.

That's why we support you with the design and manufacture of high-quality molds and tools:

  • Thermoplastic injection molds for prototypes (with Intensa master mold system) and series parts
  • 2K (hard/soft) composite injection molds for TPE and LSR (liquid silicone injection molding)
  • Progressive and transfer punching tools for steel/aluminum sheet metal parts as well as precision punching tools for busbars, lead frames and contact pins
  • Die casting molds
  • Thermoforming molds for packaging cups (PS, PS-ESD)
  • Devices and gauges

Intensa takes care of the entire tool production process for you, right through to successful part production approval - regardless of whether the tools are manufactured in-house or by proven external partners!


Injection mold for shuttering ring, die casting mold for HV housing

The results speak for themselves: as we use the injection molds ourselves in our in-house injection molding shop for parts production, we pay attention to the tool design for production. We place the same focus on the design of die-casting molds for aluminium die-cast parts (HPDC) with DFM Design for Manufacture and filling simulations.

The tools for the prototype or series production of stamped and bent parts, such as busbars and lead frames (contact grids), are also based on our experience-based specifications for the design of the strip pattern and the stamping and bending sequences.

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