Parts and assemblies for validation:


Turning data into parts - let us transfer your design data into physical building dummies and use our diverse prototyping technologies!

Regardless of whether you carry out the product design yourself or we do it for you at Intensa: Take advantage of our experience in selecting the right prototype production process for your individual purpose:

  • 3D printing (with PLA filament) for principle samples, measurement recordings and tool mock-ups
  • SLS selective laser sintering of PS, ABS, PA12 (also metal powder-filled) and PEEK
  • STL stereolithography
  • FDM Fused Deposition Modeling
  • PUR vacuum casting with silicone tools ("soft tooling") for demo models and functional samples
  • Rapid Tooling
  • Aluminum investment casting in plaster ceramic with NC machining
  • Fast steel molds for injection-molded and die-cast parts in the original material (e.g. with Intensa master mold system)
  • Laser and wire cutting, eroding and CNC milling of components
  • NC bending with high-precision folding machines and standard folding beams
  • Bending and embossing tools for busbars and leadframes (contact grids), contact pins and contact springs

All prototype deliveries include comprehensive measurement reports from our in-house measurement laboratory on the functional dimensions agreed with you in advance - so that you know exactly what you are installing in your samples...

Send us your CAD data sets and ask us about your prototype requirements - you will immediately receive our attractive offer!


Prototype production of busbars, housings and assemblies

Figure 1: shows the NC finishing of copper busbars for an A-sample assembly

Figure 2: For small initial A-sample quantities, we like to use aluminum full milling machines for housings and covers of HV components, milled on 5-axis NC centers.

Figure 3: Measurements and sample reports are part of prototyping - here filter measurements using the VNA Vector Network Analyzer.

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