for the transmission of movement:

Helix cables / flex shafts

True to our slogan MAKE IT HAPPEN, we develop ideas and implement them with our unique Intensa modular system...for your project success!

Mechanical helix cables and flexible shafts ensure movement in your assembly - and can be optimally combined with other technologies from the Intensa product range: for example with plastic overmolding and metallic inserts ("insert technology") or conventionally as a mounted assembly.

Use our helix cables with or without flocking to minimize noise for sunroof and folding top applications or flexible shafts for window lifting and seat adjustment systems. We can also provide solutions for the actuation of charging socket and charging recess covers with helix cables and flexible shafts!

As an official sales and engineering partner of GEMO, we are your contact for project management from concept development to ongoing series production support.

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Drive cable for car sunroof or roller blind

We handled this project with our manufacturing partner GEMO for the Webasto Group, from CAD development and prototyping to the start of series production and ongoing series support.

The mechanical helix cables with molded functional parts are used to drive roller blinds and panels for glass roofs. The plastic overmoulding of the cable also contains a KTL-coated punched part made of sheet steel, which ensures the necessary strength during operation and abuse tests.

The flock thread that is also wound ensures effective noise reduction when the panoramic roof is operated.

The flex shafts are manufactured in Poland, China and Mexico for local customer plants.


The following modules were used here:
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