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Die-cast parts

True to our slogan MAKE IT HAPPEN, we develop ideas and implement them with our unique Intensa modular system...for your project success!

Take advantage of Intensa's experience in the project planning of metal die-cast parts in zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloys. Particularly in the area of technically demanding parts, such as housings, heat sinks and covers, we have successfully brought numerous projects from component development to fully milled parts and "soft tooling" using investment casting/CNC, subsequent B-samples with mold inserts in our die-casting master molds and C-series mold construction to series production with our manufacturing partners.

In addition to processing on modern cold and hot chamber machines, we also take responsibility for the subsequent mechanical processing (e.g. on CNC centers), impregnation or surface finishing and marking with marking lasers (DMC).

We will be happy to help you design your parts to suit the material and processing requirements - contact us today with your planned die casting project!


Die-cast housing

Fig. left: The aim of this project was to develop and manufacture an actively cooled housing for a PDU power distribution unit in automotive engineering. Based on the customer requirements (temperature, vibrations, tightness, etc.) and the available installation space, a CAD product concept was created, the first prototypes were manufactured in SLS laser sintering for installation space control with the assembled circuit boards, the electromechanical components such as contactors, sealing ring and the connector housing and finally the B-samples and small series parts were delivered from the die-casting mold.

Fig. center: The scope of this project was the multi-stage prototype die-cast part production of end shields for electric motors for a heavy-duty drive train using our master mold system to achieve the shortest possible delivery times for parts in near-series quality.

Fig. right: The measurement of the die-cast parts and the creation of EMPB/ISIR is part of the scope of delivery from the first prototype stage!

The following modules were used here:
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