Basis for assemblies or as individual parts

Sheet metal processing

True to our slogan MAKE IT HAPPEN, we develop ideas and implement them with our unique Intensa modular system...for your project success!

If you rely on sheet metal parts made of steel, brass, bronze and copper for your precision and electromechanical assemblies, Intensa is the right partner for you!

For prototypes and pre-series parts, we use laser and wire cutting as well as high-precision NC bending machines, hydraulic and mechanical presses.

Stamping and bending technology continues to gain ground as a cost-effective technology for downstream series production. Intensa supports you with engineering services for progressive and transfer stamped parts and the associated tool and surface technology. Our sheet metal processing product portfolio is complemented by in-house laser welding.

You will be amazed at the design elements we can integrate into your stamped-bent part, e.g:

  • Corner joints for reinforcement
  • Rivet and crimp connections
  • Embossing and swipes
  • Ground contact connections (e.g. EMC)
  • Contact zones (press fit) and spring contacts on lead frames

Busbars as conductor tracks

These busbars made of sheet copper are punched and bent in series in several subsequent steps and serve as electrical conductors for the stator wiring of an electric motor (motor phases). 

Together with our proven manufacturing partners, we were responsible for the production-oriented and cost-optimized design and development of the stamped part, the prototype production, the implementation of the stamping tool and the stamped parts, and the Intensa team continues to support the customer during the ongoing series deliveries.

We are also happy to support you in the development and production of EMC shielding plates, ECU covers and housing covers - just ask us!

The following modules were used here:
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