To safeguard the design:


Whether by means of air and creepage distance analysis, fatigue strength analysis with shock and vibration or thermal or mechanical simulation: we validate the design before it goes into prototype or series production!

Regardless of whether you have commissioned us to design the assembly or have carried out the design yourself in-house - you are welcome to use our simulation expertise as a service module!

We use our own or provided 3D data as the basis for the simulations and, once the results are available, provide specific recommendations for improving the design - or incorporate them into the design ourselves if you have commissioned us with the development.


Thermal simulation, mechanical simulation

The early detection of weak points and potential for improvement in designs is becoming increasingly important in order to avoid high follow-up costs and delays in the event of late detection. Here you can see examples of the application of the thermal simulation of the heat dissipation of HV busbars, the mechanical calculation of contact springs for flat tongue contacts and the mechanical simulation of an ECU housing with regard to the effect on the electronic circuit board assembly installed in it.

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David Berger
David Berger
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