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Outsert technology

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As a plastic-metal composite, outsert technology offers you great potential for reducing components and assembly costs: rigid and/or movable functional elements made of plastic are injection-molded onto a sheet metal blank "in a single shot".

The main functional part is therefore the sheet metal part and not the plastic part as in insert technology, and the term "Ousert technology" goes back to the thermoplastic manufacturer HOECHST (later Ticona), which advertised its POM granulate Hostaform(C) as the ideal material for this.

By spraying the components onto the sheet metal part, you save a lot of individual parts, their separate production and subsequent assembly!

Intensa accompanies your project as a manufacturing partner from the concept study through prototyping to series production.

We would be happy to offer you a free, no-obligation workshop at your premises to check the opportunities for using Outsert technology for your specific application or assembly.


Guide Plate Assy

We have handled the Outsert projects shown here on behalf of our customers, from the concept idea through CAD development and prototyping to the start of series production.

Fig. left: Here you can see an EMC shielding plate to which support domes for the PCB assembly and a mounting frame have been molded.

Fig. center/right: Here you can see carrier plates on which bearing bushes and domes as well as positioning ribs were injection-molded for components of a dosing pump.

After a detailed analysis of the previous designs, attractive savings were identified through the use of Outsert technology and numerous individual components were eliminated through the clever integration of functional elements.

The following modules were used here:
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