Thermoplastic injection molded parts or insert molding:

Plastic injection molding

True to our slogan MAKE IT HAPPEN, we develop ideas and implement them with our unique Intensa modular system...for your project success!

Intensa has more than 25 years of project experience in the field of plastic injection molding and mold technology and will also manage your project from the assessment of your component requirements through CAD/CAE development and prototyping to successful series production.
The plastic-compatible design of your injection molded parts is a major concern for us: it ensures efficient and reliable series production.

The focus of our molded parts projects is in the field of technical thermoplastics (e.g. PA6/66, POM, PBT, PET, PPA, PPS,...) for complex technical and decorative components, e.g. in PC, ABS, PMMA.

Insert technology, with which we embed and overmould inserts such as threaded bushes, contact grids or busbars in thermoplastic, is particularly important to us. We have ENGEL vertical turntable machines with 40t - 300t clamping force and around 40 master molds available for this purpose!


Housing for actuator

The content of the project was the development of an actuator housing for an automotive application.

Starting with the survey of customer requirements at our Tier 1 customer, we developed a housing consisting of thermoplastic with integrated contact grids (lead frames) and bearing axles for the gearbox. The design was checked using rapid prototyping (SLS laser sintering) and then implemented in the original material (PBT-GF30) using the series injection mold.

The particular challenge lay in ensuring weldability with the laser-transparent housing cover, which we also developed. For the selection of the injection point and a correction-friendly ("steel-safe") tool design, a MoldFlowTM analysis with various scenarios was carried out beforehand - the results showed a very good correlation with the subsequent sample injection.

The plastic housing is in series production at our customer and is supported by the Intensa team throughout the entire project life cycle.

The following modules were used here:
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