State-of-the-art processing of components:

Laser technology

With our laser technology, you are at the forefront when it comes to the further processing of your prototypes: laser cutting, laser marking and decoating as well as laser welding - all from a single source!

After manufacturing individual parts using various technologies, we use state-of-the-art laser technology for further processing:

  • Part marking and application of DMC Data Matrix codes (even for prototypes!)
  • Decoating of insulating varnish or insulating coatings (e.g. for hairpin wires)
  • Preparation and cleaning ("activation") of surfaces
  • Laser welding of sheet metal parts such as busbars, busbars, contact grids, terminals and electrical components
  • Media-tight laser welding of aluminum heat sinks, housings and covers

We work with high-precision machines from leading manufacturers TRUMPF and FOBA. We design and build the clamping and clamping devices required for laser processing in-house, as well as the leak test devices used for the welded radiator housings to verify the ordered leakage rates!

Are you interested in or need laser technology for your components? We are also happy to carry out contract welding for you in our technical center - just give us a call!


Laser-welded busbars, DMC marking of parts

Fig. left/center: Here we show laser-welded busbar assemblies that have been injected into thermoplastic and further processed by laser welding, e.g. by inserting contact bushes with Ni/Ag electroplated surfaces that have been partially decoated with our marking laser for subsequent laser welding.

Electrical components (such as contactors or current sensors) were welded onto copper busbars injected into carrier frames. 

Fig. right: Even prototype parts are labeled at Intensa in plain text and, on request, with DMC Data Matrix Code for clear traceability in your overall assembly.


The following modules were used here:
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