Further processing and assembly:


The production of individual parts does not have to end here - we will be happy to carry out further processing and assembly to create a functional module for you!

The following technologies and facilities are available to you at Intensa for further processing:

  • ESD-protected assembly area for installing electronic components and PCB assemblies
  • Hot caulking of thermoplastic domes for screwless fastening of circuit boards and add-on parts
  • Generic and customer-specific assembly stations with screwdrivers and workpiece carriers
  • Laser welding for contacting electronic and electromechanical components
  • Ultrasonic and laser welding of thermoplastic housings and lids (with an external partner in the Intensa eco-system)
  • Electrical test stations (HV test, continuity and insulation resistance)
  • EOL end-of-line tests, e.g. filter characteristics common/differential modes with serial number and DMC code


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Multiplug, EMC carrier plate

Fig. left/center: This example shows a typical LV/CAN multi-connector as we manufacture and assemble it to customer and project specifications: with wire-cut or punched connector pins, thermoplastic injection-moulded housing with injected metal sockets for secure screw fitting into the customer housing - and in compliance with the required wobble circle tolerances for perfect contacting.

Fig. right: A successful example of a fully assembled insert carrier plate for a motor control unit, fitted with EMC filter-relevant electronic components such as coils and capacitors. From the production of the contact grids, their overmoulding and embedding of the screw sleeves to ESD assembly and welding of all electronic components, final testing and packaging in ESD deep-drawing cups: everything from a single source under one roof!

The following modules were used here:
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