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Your Full Service Provider of Mechanical Engineering Solutions

According to our slogan MAKE IT HAPPEN we focus on creating ideas and converting them into real products.

Intensa specialise in engineering and manufacturing of sophisticated mechanical and mechatronic parts and assemblies for:


- ECU for Engine and Motor Controllers

- ECU for Water and Oil Pump Controllers

- ECU for Active Body Control Systems

- EV/EHV Battery Junction Boxes (BJB)

- Battery Management Controllers (BMC)

- EV/EHV Power Distribution Units (PDU)

- Single and Double Inverters (E-Mobility)

- E-Motors, Actuators and Sensors

- Sunroof and Convertible Top Drives


Intensa´s new footprint with injection molding in the Czech Republic

Following the termination of Intensa´s cooperation with Gaudlitz Group (effective 3 Dec 2015) and its subsequent exit from the jointly owned injection molding operations located in Dacice/Czech Republic, Intensa is pleased to annouce its plans for an improved industrial footprint in the region, serving our customers with professional molding solutions.

Our Service Modules for you...

Following our slogan „Make it happen“ each of our service modules aims at successful implementation – always keeping the overall goal in mind!

Here we are for you...

We operate from locations in Austria, the Czech Republic and the US and with our Resident Engineering approach, we temporarily work "shoulder at shoulder" at our customer´s location - effectively supporting your specific program. 



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